4 years, 4 months, and 12 days. Think critically.


My dearest dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

I miss you so much!  Your absence weighs heavily especially when I see kids struggling with problems and worry whether you face similar.  Be strong my sons!

Remember, your mind is your greatest asset and your best tool.  Use it well.

Think critically.  Always explore the truthfulness of what you think you know and what others tell you.  What is the source of the information?  Is it trustworthy?

Even if the source is trustworthy, is there a reasn the person giving you the information may not wish to tell you the truth, or the WHOLE truth?  What is his or her bias?

What’s information is missing — because it was left out on purpose, because the person giving you the data doesn’t have the complete story, etc.?   Does the missing piece matter?  Think of the blind men and the elephant.  Each touched a different part of an elephant, and, depending on which part he touched, the individual blind men thought an elephant was like a fan (ear), a rope (tail), a snake (trunk), a tree (leg), etc.  Here, obviously, the missing information mattered.

I wish I could be there to guide you through life’s challenges.  For now, we have this.  Until we reunite, I send you

all my love, always,