3 years, 10 months, and 12 days. Character matters … always.




My dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

It has been a difficult few weeks.  The direction to which our country is headed is less than ideal.  The events leading to the recent election and those that follow are symptomatic of the division and divisiveness of the U.S. today.

The most unfortunate casualty of all this has been character.  Good moral character has been lost amidst the noise and nastiness that is American politics.  Public service is worst off today for the absence of good people like Tom J. Campbell, who served in the U.S. Congress for several terms before returning to private life as Professor of Law at Stanford University, Dean of Hass School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, and Dean of the Chapman University School of Law.  http://www.chapman.edu/our-faculty/thomas-j-campbell.

Character matters, my sons.  It always matters to people who matter.

In the short-run, people may be distracted by physical beauty, flashy attire, grandiose visions, and other superficial items; however, in the medium- and long-run, core values and character return to the forefront.  Fools who rush in will pay the price later.

Strive to be of strong moral character always.




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