3 years, 6 months, 7 days. Don’t ever lose your sense of adventure, Jaialai.


Dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

Jaialai, one of my favorite sayings of yours is this: “Daddy, let’s go somewhere we’ve never been before!”

That is the essence of why you and I get along so famously.  You have an amazing sense of adventure.  Life is an adventure.  It is a journey.

My wish for you boys is to experience life in the fullest and most positive way possible.  If anything, collect experiences, not things.  If you remember one thing from our time together, I hope it’s that.

Remember how, during that last summer together, we explored many of the surrounding waterways?  We even ventured to Scotts Mills, where I used to catch crawdads and guppies as a child!  Remember how cold the water was? Even Little V braved the water to catch fish, remember?

Remember our trip to Okinawa? the second largest aquarium in the world, where we saw three whale sharks?  Shosh, remember you were so excited that you wanted to go through it twice?  Jaialai, remember how you hated water at the start of our trip?  Heck, you even tried to deck Auntie C when she pulled you into her swimming pool!  But, midway through our Okinawa trip, after days of hanging out the beach and using the outdoors shower, you shouted at the top of your lungs “I LOVE WATER!!!” as you used the outdoors shower.  I have that on video.  Both Shosh, who is like a fish, and I were so proud of you!

Live, boys.  Enjoy life.

I’m always with you in my heart.  Look upon the night sky and know that where ever I am, I am also looking at the stars and thinking of you.

All my love, always,



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