3 years, 5 months, and 28 days. The most horrendous moment of my life…

Zack Garabian Entry 3 Pages 81-115

I remember that night, the most horrendous of my life:

“…Eliezer, my son, come here… I want to tell you

something… Only to you … Come, don’t leave me

alone… Eliezer…”

I heard his voice, grasped the meaning of his words and the tragic dimension of the moment, yet I did not move.

It had been his last wish to have me next to him in his agony, at the moment when his soul was tearing itself from his lacerated body — yet  I did not let him have his wish.

I was afraid.

Afraid of the blows.

That was why I remained deaf to his cries.

Instead of sacrificing my miserable life and rushing to his side, taking his hand, reassuring him, showing him that he was not abandoned, that I was near him, that I felt his sorrow, instead of all that, I remained flat on my back, asking God to make my father stop calling my name, to make him stop crying.  So afraid was I to incur the wrath of the SS [short for Schutzstaffel, Hitler’s personal, and very cruel, army].

In fact, my father was no longer conscious.

Yet, his plaintive, harrowing voice went on piercing the silence and calling me, nobody but me.

“Well?” The SS had flown into a rage and was striking my father on the head: “Be quiet, old man!  Be quiet!”

My father no longer felt the club’s blows: I did.  And yet I did not react.  I let the SS beat my father.  I left him alone in the clutches of death.  Worse: I was angry with him for having been noisy, for having cried, for provoking the wrath of the SS.

“Eliezer!  Eliezer!  Come, don’t leave me alone …”

His voice had reached me from so far away, from so close.  But I had not moved.

I shall never forgive … the world for having pushed me against the wall, for having turned me into a stranger, for having awakened in me the basest, most primitive instincts.

Elie Wiesel, Night, Preface to the New Translation by Marion Wiesel (2006).

My dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

I, too, shall never forget the moment you, my sons, were wrenched from my life by fascist and racist CPS thugs.  I, too, shall never forgive God, the world, and your mother for having pushed me to the wall and turned me into a stranger.

But, as you can see, I am not alone.  Others know about, and have been wronged by these fascist thugs.  They are fighting back. Having risked my career to blow the whistle against the Enron of Healthcare, I do not have the millions to fight back, like Gary Gates.  But, rest assured, I am fighting back every day … by millimeters if not inches or feet.

All my love, always,


P.S., there is hope as Anonymous has gotten involved.

  • http://anonhq.com/opexposecps-anonymous-targets-child-protective-services/.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkIBX0J70b0 — Anonymous Operation to expose CPS abuses (“Greetings world.  We are Anonymous.  Far too long the authorities in America have ignored the rampant child abuse deeply embedded into child protection agencies. It is only very rarely that we see isolated cases of workers in this system being prosecuted. When we do see it no big players are brought to justice. It is usually them tying up loose ends, or sacrificing one of their own in order to continue successfully covering up the corruption of the entire organization. Letting those who get caught and whose roles have been exposed go down with out a word of the larger corruption at hand. The CPS/DHS system in the United States has never been investigated as a whole. Meanwhile we continue to pass more and more laws to not only protect this system, but to give more and more incentive for children to be abducted into the system.”)



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