2 years and 258 days. Use mnemonic devices to help you remember.

My dearest Shosh and Jaialai:



It kills me every time I help a child learn, but find myself unable to do likewise for my own children. I long to be able to hold you, to talk to you, to hear your voices, to be with you guys.

For now, this will be the medium through which I can be with you. Let’s celebrate that. It is better than nothing.

Ok, today’s lesson will be about something practical. In school, you will be asked to remember things, definitions, concepts, geography, etc. Use mnemonic devices to help you remember. Above are links to 9 common ways to help you remember, and a link to hundreds of mnemonics people already created. Use them. They will help you.

All my love always,

2 years and 242 days. Don’t get caught up on First World Problems. Focus on what’s real.

My dearest dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

I’ve missed you!  I’m sorry that I’ve been occupied these last few days.  Bigger problems.  Life is not all peaches and cream.  Some days, it’s just hard.

But, no matter what happens, remember to keep your mind sharply focused on what’s real in life.  We are surrounded by nonsense, by people telling us what cell phone we should use, what shirt to wear, what to eat, etc.  Ignore the noise.

There are children out there, who have gone without food today.  There are families out there, who have no shelter from the cold and the danger.  I’ve seen them.  I’ve met some.

Be real.  Be good.  Have integrity.  Always.

All my love, always,


2 years and 233 days. Look up, my sons. Keep your eyes on the prize.

eleanor roosevelt great minds discuss ideas

My dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

Everyday, I lament the fact that I am not there to help guide you through the challenges of life.  However, I am grateful that you are not faced with the hardships of those in the Middle East.

Whatever our circumstances, I want you to remember to always keep your head up, and your focus on becoming the best person you could be. Don’t waste time and energy on the frivolous pursuits of the masses, animated by marketers and corporate greed.  Be high minded.  Worry less about what brand are today’s movie stars are wearing, but worry more whether you have been exposed to and understood the classics that have withstood the test of time.

Read voraciously.  Listen attentively.  Ask questions.

The small-minded and the insecure worry about looking stupid or about not being understood.  Trust me; the more you seek to understand, the more interesting you will be to those of substance, and those who will help lift you up during your life’s journey.

As always, all my love,