2 years and 221 days. Be yourself, Jaialai. Be the gamemaster we know and love.

My dearest Jaialai :

What do you do with tomatoes, sea urchin, and a yoga ball?

We often talk about the funny games you come up with, Jaialai.  Those were some of the best times.  I recall how Grandma used to laugh and laugh when, teaching her new games you invented for yourselves, you would say, “No, Gramma!  You have to do it this way!”

That is you, Jaialai.  You are my joy maker.

I will never forget how you used to say, “Daddy, are you sad?  Let me dance and sing to make you happy!”  You were about two years old.  Having blown the whistle against the Enron of Healthcare, I was unemployed and unemployable.  Being a Type A personality and having been a successful lawyer, I never took kindly to being an unemployed, stay at home dad.  I struggled each morning, at the start of the workday, when I  found myself home with you and Grandma.  On particularly difficult days, it was all I could do to curl up on the sofa to keep an eye on you.  Ultimately, you’d come over and ask, “Are you cold, Daddy?  Let me put a blanket on you.” Or, you’d say, “Are you sad, Daddy?  Let me sing and dance for you.”

My heart breaks each and every time I think of you, Jaialai!  I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you.  Please hang in there.  Be strong!  Hang on to who you are!  Don’t let them take that away from you. You are our mighty Game Master!

Evil exists in the world.  We can but fight them.  We fought the Enron of Healthcare, and won.  We have been fighting the corrupt thugs who are keeping us apart, and will ultimately prevail.  Hang in there!  We will be together again!

All my love, always,



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