2 years and 217 days. Be strong, Jaialai!

My dearest Jaialai:

I will never forget the day we played hide and seek at Auntie’s house, when you and I snuck off into her storage room.  The other kids searched for us high and low, and ran past our door numerous times, but never found us.  After the game was over, you turned to me and said, “Thanks for picking me, Dad!”

I will always pick you, Jaialai, and Shosh!  Always and forever!  You are my sons.  Nothing more precious to me than you guys.

Hang in there!  I am fighting everyday to get back to you.  We will clear our names and expose the deceitful, corrupt, and abusive thugs.  Then, we be together.  Right now, those thugs threatened your lives in even greater danger if we try to see you.

Try not to be angry, Jaialai.  I know it is hard.  But, it is bad for your physical and mental health to be angry all the time.  I want you to rely on and support your brother, Shosh.  Be there for each other until my return.

All my love, always,




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