2 years and 172 days. Be in the present, in the now.

My dearest dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

I have few regrets in live, but do you know my greatest regret?  Shosh, I’ll give you three guesses.  It relates to you, actually.  When you were young, you were quite a story teller.  You had a beautiful and vivid imagination, and you could tell stories for hours!  Alas, I too was young, and foolish.  I was a workaholic, and spent 90-100 hours per week on the clock.  Unfortunately, even when I’m not on the clock, work still occupied my mind, and I found myself turning working to solve work problems instead of focusing on your stories.

By far, my single greatest regret is that I didn’t pay enough attention to your stories, which eventually lead you to stop telling them.  My heart breaks whenever I recall the many times you had to ask, “Dad, are you listening?” because I absentmindedly nodded without hearing a word you said.

My lesson?  Be in the moment.  If you are at work, work.  If you are playing with your friends, play.  If you are hanging out with family, hang out.  Be in the moment.  Don’t let your mind wander to worries about tomorrow.  Tomorrow will arrive soon enough.  Don’t let your mind wander about things that happened yesterday.  Yesterday is over.

I’m not saying forget about your past and ignore your future.  No.  Reflect on the past when you need to.  You cannot learn from your mistakes if you don’t reflect on them.  But, once the exercise is complete, return to the present.  Plan for your future, and chart a path to success.  But, once you are done with that exercise, return to the present.  Ground yourself in the present.

I love you so much, and wish you were here this very minute.



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