2 years and 169 days. Do what you love.

My dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

Do you remember eating the yummy Koi bulgogi tacos while enjoying the sights and sounds of Last Thursday Alberta?  our sand art battles at the beach? catching craw fish and guppies in the stream like I did growing up? our after dinner walks in Honolulu when we were there for your cousin’s wedding?

How can I ever forget Jaialai’s repeated pronouncements that he hates water? his swing at auntie for trying to pull him into the swimming pool? and his refusal to immerse anything above his ankles in the warm waters of Okinawa?  But, the best part was when, a few days later, he doused himself in the public shower after a swim, and shouted, “I LOVE WATER!”

How can I ever forget Shosh “reading” The Raven and the Starfruit at 2? saying “be careful, Dad!” at three when I climbed rocks and tried to catch him a crab? or telling me that seaweed tastes “like beans!”?

These memories are among my most precious treasures.  I love that during our last summer together, we made it our summer goal to explore as many of the local streams and waterways as possible.  I love that you enjoy art fairs, music festivals, and Saturday markets.  You boys are so adventurous!  You truly are the best part of my life!

Live so that you can look back on your life with few regrets.  Live so that you can look in the mirror and not feel shame.  Live so that even in the darkest of nights, you have warm memories to feed your soul and stoke the fires of hope.


Live your passions.  Who knows where it could lead you?

All my love, always,



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