2 years and 156 days. I fight for you.



My dearest Shosh and Jaialai,

Not a day passes that my thoughts do not turn to you.  In those moments, air is sucked from my lungs, and I am transported to the darkest of black holes.  I am crushed by your absence, and overwhelmed with sadness.  Every molecule of my being hurts.  I am pain.

They lied.  Time does not heal all wounds.

Only one force is powerful enough to pull me back from the brink: the desire to fight my way back to you.  The injustice cannot stand.  If there is to be any beauty and order to this universe, then the truth must prevail.  Fueled by that singularity, the molecules of my being are reanimated and I am re-energized.

You know it took me five years to fight to expose the soulless Enron of Healthcare, and protect the rights of the sick and dying.  I am now fighting for you.  Know that I will spend my last breath fighting for you, my sons.

Until I am back by your side, be strong.  Be good.  Be guided by what is right, regardless of what others around you say and do.  You are my sons.

To help you on your journey to be the good and amazing men I know you will be, I have and will continue to write you every day.  It is my hope that what few lessons I have learned during my brief tenure in this world can help guide your way forward.

All my love, always,



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